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*Schedule is subject to change*

2019 Schedule

29-3 Pilgrim Holiness, Austin, IN
5-10 Pilgrim Holiness, Lima, OH
12-17 New Life Holiness, Hagerstown, IN
19-24 Union Friends, Westfield, IN

Christmas 2019

1 (am) God’s Missionary Church, New Columbia, PA
1 (pm) Penns Valley God’s Missionary Church, Spring Mills, PA
8 (am) Bible Way Fellowship, Yorktown, VA
8 (pm) Haven of Rest, Galax, VA
13 (pm) Pilgrim Holiness, Schenectady, NY
15 (am) God’s Missionary Church, Milesburg, PA
15 (pm) God’s Missionary Church, Sunbury, PA
18 (pm) Bible Holiness, Delaware, OH
19 (pm) Lower Light, Petersburg, MI
22 (am) Chestnut Community Church, North Vernon, IN
22 (pm) Pilgrim Holiness, Noblesville, IN
29 (pm) God’s Missionary Church, Beavertown, PA

2020 Schedule

21-26 Wesleyan Holiness Church, West Bay, Grand Cayman

6-16 Sea Breeze Camp, Hobe Sound, FL
20-1 Bottle Creek Camp, Turks and Caicos Islands

16-18 Pilgrim Bible Church, Cedar Springs, MI
31-2 Northern Ireland

6-12 Southeastern Holiness, Indianapolis, IN
21-23 Dayton Convention

5-10 Greenridge Holiness Church, Alma, IL
12-17 Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist, Indiana, PA

8-14 ICHA Camp, Greenfield, IN
23-25 Grace Holiness Church, Harkers Island, NC

24-2 Penns Creek Camp, Penns Creek, PA

19-21 Iowa Holiness Association, University Park, IA

15-20 Bible Methodist, Salem, OH
22-27 God´s Missionary Church, Lewistown, PA
28-2 Penn View Bible Institute, Penns Creek, PA

6-11 Pilgrim Holiness, Schenectady, NY
20-25 God´s Missionary Church, Newport, PA
27-1 Bible Methodist, Easley, SC

3-8 Shaver Memorial Chapel, Pearisburg, VA
11-15 Bible Way Fellowship, Yorktown, VA
17-19 Bible Methodist, Chattanooga, TN

Christmas 2020

29 (am) Open
29 (pm) Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist, Indiana, PA
6 (am) Richfield Evagelical Methodist, Richfield, PA
6 (pm) Open
13 (am) Pilgrim Holiness, Milmont, PA
13 (pm) Bible Missionary Church, Lock Haven, PA
16 (pm) Lower Light, Petersburg, MI
17 (pm) Pilgrim Holiness, Austin, IN
20 (am) Pilgrim Holiness, Corydon, IN
20 (pm) Ash Street Wesleyan, Tipton, IN

*Schedule is subject to change*

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