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*Schedule is subject to change*

2017 Schedule

Christmas Musicals 2017

13 (pm) Wesleyan Holiness
Greensburg, IN
14 (pm) Voice of Victory
Waynesfield, OH
15 (pm) Lower Light
Petersburg, MI
17 (am) West Union Friends
Monrovia, IN
17 (pm) Pilgrim Holiness
Austin, IN

2018 Schedule

11-12 Bible Methodist, Easley, SC
14 (pm) Hobe Sound Bible Church, Hobe Sound, FL
15 God’s Missionary Church, Kissimmee, FL
16 Fort Myers Rescue Mission, Fort Myers, FL
17 Camp Freedom Holiness Church, St. Petersburg, FL
26-Feb 4 Camp Freedom, St. Petersburg, FL

13-18 Wesley Chapel, Jupiter, FL
20 Wesleyan Methodist, Salem, OH
21 Bible Methodist, Salem, OH
22 Bible Holiness, Barberton, OH
23 Bible Holiness, Delaware, OH

6-11 Trinity Holiness, Sophia, NC
13-18 Community Covenant Church, Mocksville, NC
20-25 House of Prayer, Floyd, VA

17-19 IHC, Dayton, OH
24-29 Voice of Victory, Waynesfield, OH

1-6 God’s Missionary Church, Milesburg, PA
8 God’s Missionary Church, Coopersburg, PA
10-11 Wesleyan Methodist, Hagerstown, MD
15-20 God’s Missionary Church, Lebanon, PA

27 Community Bible Church, Emmett, ID
29 Christian Nation Church, Frenchtown, MT

24-29 Heartland Holiness Camp, Glencoe, OK

22-24 Reunion Hall, Silver Bay, MN

4-9 Central Pennsylvania IHC, Central, PA
11-12 Indian Gospel Chapel, Winner, SD
14 Chugwater, WY
19-23 Pilgrim Holiness, Robinson, IL
25-30 Pilgrim Holiness, Milltown, IN

2-7 Pilgrim Holiness, Franklin, IN
9-14 Bible Way Fellowship, Yorktown, VA
20-21 Burlington Bible Church, Burlington, KY
23-28 Church of God, Fordland, MO

Oct 30-4 Church of God, Osawatomie, KS
13-16 West Virginia/Virginia IHC

Christmas Musicals 2018

5 (pm) Bethel Brethren In Christ
Merrill, MI
6 (pm) Lower Light
Petersburg, MI
7 (pm) Nottingham Friends Church
Nottingham, IN
9 (am) West Union Friends
Monrovia, IN
9 (pm) Pilgrim Holiness
Austin, IN
16 (pm) Trinity United Brethren in Christ
Fostoria, OH
23 (am) Twin Oaks
Petersburg, IN
23 (pm) Oak Grove
Glendale, IN

*Schedule is subject to change*

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